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This week I took time off of playing with Derek the Demon so I could focus on Tales of the Blessed and Broken series. The new developments are going to turn this second book into a much more brutal and bloody book than I had originally planned.

I just received the German translations of Beyond and Before Brightside and am having the covers designed.

I mention my recent appearance on Oops: Caught Me Smoking and how I enjoyed talking about my cannabis use.

Includes the short story "Twenty-Four Hour Bullshit" from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson

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How my interview with Mareike Kleinbohl, my guest from episode 107, has led me to release TBI or CTE: What the Hell is Wrong with Me? In both English and German this October while attending the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Why my family and I are back to training jiu jitsu.

How I’ve raised close to $1,500 for the Concussion Legacy Foundation through the virtual 5k I’ll be running this weekend.

Why I’m excited about my breakthrough while working on The Bridge.

(16:30) Also includes the short story “Eleven Times More Likely” taken from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson.

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My special guest was going to be Elisha Roberts of but I lost the footage of our interview.

Dealing with a recent power outage.

Advance ebook copy of Beyond Brightside being sent out tomorrow.

TNTD in the Pandemic contest kicks off on Oct. 7

(10:10) Includes my short story "Taking Out the Trash" narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla

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This episode's special guest is Ric Chetter. In addition to being the narrator for Ain't No Messiah, Ric has narrated about 50 other books, is the owner of Radio-Memphis, and has spent 30 years in broadcasting with radio, TV, and film.

(32:00) Includes my short story "In the Cards" narrated by Stacy Gonzalez

You can check out Radio-Memphis -

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For my 48th birthday I nailed two goals: Dropping 23 pounds in 45 days and finishing the writing of Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic.

Sept. 1 will be the start of Heavy Metal Inspired Fiction.

Improving my son's imagination by working on Try Not to Die: In Minecraft with him.

(13:00) The final chapter of the Ain't No Messiah audiobook narrated by Ric Chetter.

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Why I enjoy connecting with readers and reviewers.

Sharing my workspace with my son on his first day of school.

Writing disturbing death scenes.

Only 7 more days for me to drop 5 more pounds.

(13:40) Ain't No Messiah Chapter 23 narrated by Ric Chetter

Here's the link to the Books Yada Yada YouTube video I mentioned at the start of the podcast.

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A brief review of Stephen King's Carrie as I prepare to read every King book in order.

I just released a newsletter with links to "The Rules" a brand new short story exclusive to subscribers.

Brightside ebook is free at most retailers (not Amazon) and at

Designing a Try Not to Die face mask in time for the TNTD: In the Pandemic contest that launches Oct. 7th.

Chapter 22 of Ain't No Messiah narrated by Ric Chetter.


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Revamping my newsletter.

Making Brightside permanently free.

Rereading Carrie.

Finishing up TNTD: in the Pandemic.

(7:10) Ain't No Messiah Chapter 21 narrated by Ric Chetter

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I am loving how motivated I am right now about my career and health, taking big steps to improve both.

On the business side I just hired someone to redesign my website, improve all my book descriptions, design the cover for "The Rules."

I am also about to embark on a new mission of reviewing at least 3 books a week until I've gone through my entire Stephen King collection and other cool books lying around the house.

On the personal side, I've been doing intermittent fasting and cutting down caffeine to get to a better weight.

The Great, the Good, the Okay, and the Holy Shit this Book is Terrible segment where I read more reviews about ANM.

(21:10) Ain't No Messiah Chapter 19 narrated by Ric Chetter

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A close friend who got Covid teaches me an important lesson.

How I've been playing a lot more bass than guitar lately.

A nice vacation at the beach and my son constantly grabbing and playing with my fat rolls has gotten me restarted on intermittent fasting, lowering my caffeine intake, and increasing exercise.

The first installment of a new weekly segment where I read reviews of my books: "The Great, the Good, the Okay, and the Holy Shit this Book is Terrible."

An update on "The Rules" a short story that will exclusively go out to newsletter subscribers next week.

(20:10) Ain't No Messiah Chapters 17 and 18 narrated by Ric Chetter

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