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A quick wrap-up of my week. Doing physical therapy, getting massages, and getting everything in place for the Frankfurt Book Fair which takes place in less than 5 weeks.

I'm excited about receiving the new cover for the English and German versions of the TBI book, and about to release Morsels of Mayhem in German.

Also pumped to be coauthoring a Try Not to Die: In Twisted Reunion with my brilliant assistant Alvin.

(8:00) includes the short story "Twenty-Seven Generals" taken from 5 More Perfect Days and narrated by John Anthony Davis

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My special guest is Gary Roberts, the host of the Good Dudes Grow podcast, a Firefighter, and Cannabis / CBD Advocate.

Here is Gary's story:

From physical pain to the emotional pain of losing my daughter and father in the same year to opioids. To growing a Hemp CBD Company and Recovery and Research Center based on plant medicine. I talk to physicians, Professional Athletes, and entrepreneurs in the world of Hemp, Cannabis, and Psychedelics to get their view on the future of a new medical revolution.

My CBD discovery started out as a selfish journey looking to help my CrossFit Master Competition career but then realized that my daughter had a dependency on opiates that lead her down a path of using heroin.

I then realized that this plant could help her overcome her addiction. Unfortunately, the law and legislation were not on my side, and before I could get the product that was safe and viable, she lost her battle, losing her life.

She was on life support until her 27th birthday. That day my wife and I decided to let her go. She was always the type of person who wanted to help others, which even showed her death. To our surprise, she was an organ donor, and she saved someone else’s life with her own.

At that point, my CBD / Cannabis relationship changed to one of helping others in addiction and my fellow brothers and sisters in the fire department.

All proceeds on any sales go to help build out Research and Treatment Center

Want to ☕️ support them by donating? Go to 👇👇👇

To check out his podcast go to


(28:55) Also includes the short story "Twenty-Fifth of December" taken from 25 Perfect Days narrated by David Thompson

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My special guest is Kelly Aiello, a registered holistic nutritionist (RHN) and Brain Health Coach, and the host of the Nutritional Nerd podcast.

She shares how her husband's traumatic brain injury affected their lives and led her into researching nutrition to help brain health.

She goes over some of the most important steps a person should do to improve their brain health through nutrition.

For more information on Kelly and the services she offers, go to

While there you can sign up for her newsletter for free nutrition tips and such. I've already signed up and recommend it.

At the end of the episode you can listen to the short story "Twenty-Third District" which is taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.

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Going over the latest developments in my career:

Finalized the photo for the cover of the TBI book.

Just received Morsels of Mayhem translated into German and am beginning the translation of Twisted Reunion.

Hired a narrator for "Stuffed" and looking for someone to narrate "The Rules"

Wrapped up my fifth and final hypnosis session and couldn't be happier with the results.

About to finalize TNTD: In the Wizard's Tower and have Michael Sage Ricci, my coauthor, begin the audiobook.

(13:50) Includes the short story "Seventeen Soldiers" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson

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After a fantastic weekend selling books at Awaken the Spirits, I struggled with feeling overwhelmed and not getting enough work done furing the week. Fortunately, a few talks with friends helped me swtch my perspective and look at taking time for myself physically and mentally as an important type of work. Instead of looking at books as difficult challenges, I need to take my time with each one and enjoy the process, remembering how much fun it to write.

(8:40) Includes the short story "Sixteen Acres" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.

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My special guest is Alexandra Callner from Life Craft Hypnosis. I just completed my third session with Alexandra and am loving the results. In this episode we discuss:

How she discovered hypnosis and why she wants to share it with others.

What the biggest misconceptions are when it comes to hypnosis.

What you should look for in a hypnotist.

What type of people can benefit the most from it.

The three issues we've been working on and why I want to do more.

Why listening to self-talk messages is so helpful.

If you want more info on how Alexandra can help remove the subconscious blocks that are holding you back, check out her website -

(36:30) Includes the short dystopian story "Twenty-Two Pine Avenue" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson

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Another short episode. I discuss:

How my online hypnosis sessions are going.

Reintroducing Rocksmith on Xbox for family fun time.

Creating a dozen new death scenes for Try Not to Die: In the Wild West and how working with each co-author is a different experience.

(13:10) Includes the short story "Twelve O'Clock High" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.

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It felt being great being back home and going over the latest developments. In this episode I discuss:

The Try Not to Die series. Just read through The Wizard's Tower, fixing up Dethfest scenes, and starting the rewrite of the Wild West. Also discuss two new books added to the series.

Where I'm at with the traumatic brain injury book. Just received the first incredible blurb and the version translated into German.

Talk of finally getting 10th Planet Whittier opened.

What I get from my 5-mile walks in the morning, playing guitar, and taking care of myself.

The positive experience with a hypnotist. I have a few more sessions scheduled with her and will then bring her on the show to talk about it.

(15:45) Includes the short story "One Last Bedtime Story" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.

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My special guest is Johnny "Cupcakes" Campbell, an MMA fighter, bjj brown belt, and all-around awesome individual. Johnny's fight at Cage Titans 9 years ago was what turned me back into a fan of the sport. We had a great first interview a few days after that and another at Brown University a few years later.

It was great catching up with Johnny after his latest win at Bellator. We discussed:

  • His willingness to take fights on short notice.
  • Overcoming negative thinking and dark thoughts.
  • How at 34 he is in peak performance, physically and emotionally.
  • Loyalty to his gym South Shore Sportfighting in Rockland and his coach Bill Mahoney.
  • Why he fights and his plans after he retires.
  • If he worries about brain health.
  • What he gets out of playing video games.

Also includes the short dystopian story "Two Minutes to Midnight"

For more on Johnny: Follow him at:

IG @johnnyccmma

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My special guest is Lucas Hohmann, the host of the podcast The Creativ Cast which explores the creativity in all of us. Lucas, who is also a photographer, shares his understanding of creativity, discusses how much time went into getting his podcast started, and tells us what he's learned from it.

For more on Lucas, check out:

Also includes the short story "26 Pills" a short story from 5 More Perfect Days narrated by John Anthony Davis.

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