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My guest this week is Mareike Kleinböhl, the host of the Child of the the Library podcast. Mareike is from Germany but speaks several languages and hosts her podcast in English. I asked her on the show to discuss why she enjoys reading in different languages, what advice she has for a beginner like myself, how my German translation of Brightside compares to the original, and what her podcast is all about. The episode also includes the short story "Ten Drops of Bleach" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson You can check out Child of the Library podcast: Spotify - YouTube - And connect with Mareike on IG @childofthelibrary

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Once again I'm overwhelmed with balancing family, writing projects, and the business side of things. As much as I look forward to releasing books, the anxiety seems to be part of the package.

On the bright side, the ebooks Brightside and Somber Stroll are available for free at all retailers (except Amazon for now) and Beyond Brightside is on sale at all retailers for $0.99.

Morsels of Mayhem is free to newsletter subscribers and available everywhere else for $0.99

(10:05) Includes the short story "The Season" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Landon Woodson.

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My good friend Jason Stanley is this episode's special guest. We talk reading, writing, and why I love his product YouCanFollow.Me which is the equivalent of an online business card.

You can check out mine at

(48:10) Also includes the short horror story "The Fine Print" narrated by Vivienne Leheny.

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My special guest was going to be Elisha Roberts of but I lost the footage of our interview.

Dealing with a recent power outage.

Advance ebook copy of Beyond Brightside being sent out tomorrow.

TNTD in the Pandemic contest kicks off on Oct. 7

(10:10) Includes my short story "Taking Out the Trash" narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla

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I am loving how motivated I am right now about my career and health, taking big steps to improve both.

On the business side I just hired someone to redesign my website, improve all my book descriptions, design the cover for "The Rules."

I am also about to embark on a new mission of reviewing at least 3 books a week until I've gone through my entire Stephen King collection and other cool books lying around the house.

On the personal side, I've been doing intermittent fasting and cutting down caffeine to get to a better weight.

The Great, the Good, the Okay, and the Holy Shit this Book is Terrible segment where I read more reviews about ANM.

(21:10) Ain't No Messiah Chapter 19 narrated by Ric Chetter

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Getting close to finishing Beyond Brightside and Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic

(6:50) Quick talk about about my CTE claims before sharing the video "Paying the Price"

(21:50) Chapter 9 of Ain't No Messiah

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Another quick episode going over where I'm at with my writing projects.

Chapter 8 of the Ain't No Messiah audiobook.

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Another quick episode with updates on the Try Not to Die series, where I'm at with Beyond Brightside, and chapter 7 of Ain't No Messiah audiobook.

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Quick update on the four audiobooks being produced.

How I've been overwhelmed and brain training might have been playing a part in that.

(8:35) Ain't No Messiah Chapter 6

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Quick update on the four audiobooks being released this month.

The new story ideas I’m working on: “The Time I met Jesus” and a pandemic story.

A new TNTD: In the Pandemic is in the works and it is going to be awesome. Next week I’ll reveal the author.

I will be offering free writing classes on Facebook live starting tomorrow. I don’t know the schedule yet but I plan on doing one class focused on young children ages 5-11, one for kids 12 and up, and one for adults.  

Includes the short stories "Last Embrace" and “Split Decision.”

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