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My special guest is Evan Scott, the drummer from the Boston-based death metal band Stone the Oracle.

I first met Evan 9 years ago when I interviewed him for Unlocking the Cage at Lauzon MMA and I've had the pleasure of training with him a few times since.

In this episode we talk about what he has gained from martial arts, what a positive gym culture they have at Lauzon's where he is a kickboxing instructor, how he developed a love for music and became part of Stone the Oracle.

You can pick up the band's new EP at 

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I had a fantastic conversation with Scott Gazzoli, the host of the popular podcast Causing the Effect. Scott's podcast is focused on the true exploration of your mind and body and it was a blast picking his brain. In our talk, he offers advice to help me with my meditation and exercise struggles, we discuss our cannabis and psychedelic use, love for heavy metal, rage issues, and much more.

Check out Scott's podcast Causing the Effect -

(51:58) Also includes the short story "Four Percent" taken from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson. 

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I'm nearly finished with putting up a video a day about a heavy metal band for my month of metal playlist. I've enjoyed doing it but it has been more work than anticipated.

The Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic contest is wrapping up and the ebook is about to release. I managed to screw up the pre-order on Amazon but hopefully you guys will help me share the book to regain momentum.

Almost finished writing "Stuffed." I plan on releasing that along with "The Rules" and "31 Others" for a small audiobook/ebook just in time for Thanksgiving.

I had a great time being a guest on the Playing Injured podcast and am looking forward to having Josh Dillingham, the co-host, on this podcast soon.

The short story "Dead to Me" from Untold Mayhem.

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My special guest is my friend Jonathan Gonzales, a fellow 10th Planet purple belt and metalhead. After a little talk about jiu jitsu and why we aren't currently training, we dive into heavy metal and why we enjoy listening to it.

(36:40) The shrt story "Left Unfinished" from Untold Mayhem. Narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla.

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My special guest is my longtime friend Marc Saenz. Marc and I have a history of listening to metal and going to shows and had a great time going over some memories and talking about why music is important to him.

(36:20) Includes the short story "Last in Line" off of Untold Mayhem. narrated by Vivienne Leheny

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I have my friend and fellow heavy metal dad, Mcor Cervantez, on to discuss metal music and some of our favorite bands.

(36:30) The short story "The Feeling's Back."

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