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What a fun conversation with Mat Santos, a lifelong martial artist, devoted family man, and co-author in the Try Not to Die series.

Mat, the owner of Team Santos Fighting Academy, is one of the brightest and funniest black belts I've had the pleasure of hanging out with.

In this episode we discuss:

Connections made through martial arts.

Skill acquisition.

Overcoming obstacles due to the pandemic.

Raising our sons and understanding our fathers.

The importance of participation trophies.

Why I no longer get drunk or high before recording podcasts, and why I'm rethinking that approach.

The highest compliment you can give a Rhode Islander and the quickest way to start a fight with one.

(1:34:50) The short story "Twenty-Twenty" from 25 Perfect Days and narrated by David Thompson.

For more on Mat and his academy check out:

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My special guest is Evan Scott, the drummer from the Boston-based death metal band Stone the Oracle.

I first met Evan 9 years ago when I interviewed him for Unlocking the Cage at Lauzon MMA and I've had the pleasure of training with him a few times since.

In this episode we talk about what he has gained from martial arts, what a positive gym culture they have at Lauzon's where he is a kickboxing instructor, how he developed a love for music and became part of Stone the Oracle.

You can pick up the band's new EP at 

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A quick update on the writing classes I've been doing on Facebook Live. My daughter's class at 12:30 (PST) is focusing on creating a short story and developing Try Not to Die: In 25 Perfect Days from scratch. My son's writing class has been cancelled and is now Cuddle Class where I film us just cuddling on the class. Might not be exciting to watch but I'm enjoying it.

The Try Not to Die universe is expanding like crazy. Excited to be working with Steve Montgomery on Try Not to Die: Super High. We are only in the beginning stage but I'm positive it will be awesome.

(10:00) Chapter 3 of Ain't No Messiah audiobook.

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The second week of homeschool writing classes with my kids. Although I still don't feel like a real teacher, I'm having a lot of fun passing on what tools I've picked up a long the way.

The start of Ain't No Messiah. I will share a new chapter every episode but this one starts with both chapters 1 and 2 (12 minutes in)


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Mark talks about his family’s recent trip to Rhode Island and visiting Mat Santos’ Team Santos Academy and Tri-Force MMA for jiujitsu. Also discusses getting books on Google Play and printing paperbacks through Amazon’s KDP.

8:25 Chapter 6 of Brightside audiobook.

41:30 Recap of Chapter 6 along with a discussion of childhood and how easily kids can be influenced. Also a bit on fishing, football, and fighting.

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In this week's short story the narrator is a DJ presenting a young girl's last wish. Mark shares his experience as a guest DJ on Ozzy's Boneyard, discusses the randomness of death and how he deals with that fear, and why everyone should have a realistic wish-list.

(07:00) This episode he answers the Goodreads question: "Where did you get the idea for your most recent book?" 

(14:35) Mark shares his story "Ultimate Wish" taken from his Somber Stroll audiobook which will appeal to fans of dark fiction and horror.

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Mark goes into his biggest fear, talks about parenting, balancing work with being a stay-at-home-dad, writing first person present tense, cannabis use, and why he doesn't spank his children. 

(00:07) This episode he answers the Goodreads question: "What's your advice for aspiring writers?"

(00:22) Mark shares his story, "Safety First," taken from his Somber Stroll audiobook which will appeal to fans of dark fiction and horror.

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