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I couldn't be happier with my mother's brain scans and testing from Vital Head and Spine in Pasadena. With 40 sessions of neurofeedback, she greatly increased the amount and quality of her sleep and turned around the mild cognitive decline she wasn't even aware of. I'm so grateful that she probably just avoided a path toward dementia.

I had the pleasure of reading an early copy of Dr. Michael Simpson's upcoming book. The book is incredibly well-written and full of great information. Immediately after reading it I took his advice and scheduled six long-overdue doctor appointments.

The first week of teaching writing is nearly over and I'm loving it. Feels great passing on this skill and the students seem to be learning and enjoying themselves.

Includes the short story "Marked" from Untold Mayhem. Narrated by Angelo Di Loreto

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Talking about the changes I'm implementing in my business to give me the best chance at crushing it in 2021.

A reminder that both Brightside and Somber Stroll are now permanently free on all retailers.

New covers for both Twisted Reunion and Untold Mayhem.

How writing Try Not to Die: Super High has been makine me sick.

What to expect from the revamped newsletter and the kind of people I want to interact with.

The short story "Counting On It" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Angelo Di Loreto

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I read my Thanksgiving story "Stuffed" taken from the short story collection Morsels of Mayhem. Free for newsletter subscribers at

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Once again I'm overwhelmed with balancing family, writing projects, and the business side of things. As much as I look forward to releasing books, the anxiety seems to be part of the package.

On the bright side, the ebooks Brightside and Somber Stroll are available for free at all retailers (except Amazon for now) and Beyond Brightside is on sale at all retailers for $0.99.

Morsels of Mayhem is free to newsletter subscribers and available everywhere else for $0.99

(10:05) Includes the short story "The Season" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Landon Woodson.

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The paperbacks for Beyond Brightside and Try Not to Die: In the Pandemic are finally arriving. Also about to release Morsels of Mayhem just in time for Thanksgiving.

(7:00) The short story "Exposed" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Angelo Di Loreto

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My special guest is Josh Dillingham, the co-host of the Playing Injured podcast. I had the pleasure of being on Josh's podcast the week prior and enjoyed talking with him so much I wanted to continue the conversation on here.

Josh talks about his past and what he's learned from his podcast. We also go into how he can create a book to pass on the powerful lessons he's getting from all of his interviews.

(35:40) The short story "No Service" from Untold Mayhem narrated by Landon Woodson

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My good friend Jason Stanley is this episode's special guest. We talk reading, writing, and why I love his product YouCanFollow.Me which is the equivalent of an online business card.

You can check out mine at

(48:10) Also includes the short horror story "The Fine Print" narrated by Vivienne Leheny.

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My special guest was going to be Elisha Roberts of but I lost the footage of our interview.

Dealing with a recent power outage.

Advance ebook copy of Beyond Brightside being sent out tomorrow.

TNTD in the Pandemic contest kicks off on Oct. 7

(10:10) Includes my short story "Taking Out the Trash" narrated by Chris Andrew Ciulla

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This episode's special guest is Ric Chetter. In addition to being the narrator for Ain't No Messiah, Ric has narrated about 50 other books, is the owner of Radio-Memphis, and has spent 30 years in broadcasting with radio, TV, and film.

(32:00) Includes my short story "In the Cards" narrated by Stacy Gonzalez

You can check out Radio-Memphis -

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My special guest for this podcast is Deana Eager from BOOKS Yada, Yada.

We went over authors that have made an impact on Deana, including Neil Gaiman, Michael Faber, Thomas Harris, Douglas Coupland, and Alice Hoffman.

I admit just how sorry my reading list has been. I also share my secret to writing strong female characters and bringing character's to life in a few pages.

(55:00) "News First" a short story from my collection Untold Mayhem.

You can check out and subscribe to Deana's BookTube channel here -

All links to the podcast in one place -

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