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In this special episode, I talk with Joey Hauss and his wife Lindsay after they led me through a powerful breathwork, meditation, and ice bath session. We discuss what led Joey to become a Level 2 Certified Instructor of the Wim Hof Method and why breathing, meditation, and cold immersion can help us heal. To learn more about Joey and his classes, check out (43:00) At the end of the talk, I share the short story "US-89N4X" which is from 5 More Perfect Days and narrated by John Anthony Davis.

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An update on where I'm at with my nonfiction brain book and why I've been hesitant to pursue it. As someone who has had a lot of trauma to the brain with boxing, MMA, college football, and motorcycle accidents, the subject of traumatic brain injuries and CTE is scary. But I have too many friends that either have or probably will develop brain issues for me not to investigate it a bit.
16:45 The short horror story "Twisted Memory" taken from my collection Twisted Reunion.

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An explanation on my break from the podcast and social media.

The difficulty with finishing up Beyond Brightside's sex scene and marching a main character to his death.

How I've been searching for the perfect agent and have narrowed down my wish list.

Using Back 2 Basics and Downey Yoga to deal with my shoulder and back problems.

15:25 I narrate the short story "Five minutes Alone" taken from my dystopian mosaic novel 25 Perfect Days.

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Discussing the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books. What I wish I had done differently and what went well.

Slowly reintroducing jiujitsu, feeling good after a practice and open mat.

15:30 Chapter 19 of the Brightside audiobook, the final chapter.

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Killing time in a park while waiting for my daughter's award assembly.
Writing multiple death scenes that take place in a park in Beyond Brightside.
3:30 A look at the brand new Ain't No Messiah shirt and commercial. Also the Try Not to Die shirt. Available soon for order.
Why I spend time doing yoga, how my kids liked their class at Downey Yoga, and why I've decided to keep with my current practice instead of switching to Bikram.
13:55 Brightside audiobook - Chapter 16

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